fireRecently we have got a lot of appeals for warranty cases with broken or not working heaters purchased from gray market dealers (, or as well ). Unfortunately, we are forced to refuse warranty service or cover costs to such customers. The manufacturer covers by warranty  the devices officially imported into the EU territory and sold  through authorized dealers only.

All heaters officially imported into the EU are insured against damage in case of malfunctioning. It means, that in case of causing the material damage to the customer during the heater’s malfunction, all costs to the client will be compensated by the insurance company.

The sets of devices supplied to the EU are different from those sold in the third countries. The heaters have more advanced internal software and other equipment.

Beware of Chinese and other fakes!

The heater is a complex device that works by burning fuel.

Do not endanger your life and the lives of other ones.

Buy heaters from authorized dealers only.