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    Changes of Control Units for AUTOTERM Flow 5D/B

    Dear Partners! There are small changes that have to be taken into consideration. The changes are connected with generations of Flow 5D/B Control Units that are summarized in the table below. Generation Heater name Control Unit (factory standard) Direct replacement BINAR Generation BINAR 5S (diesel, 12V) assy.3133 3133->4311->4381 BINAR 5S […]

    Uusi moottorinlämmitin AUTOTERM 30SP-24

    AUTOTERM tarjoaa uuden ja tehokkaan nestelämmittimen – AUTOTERM 30SP-24. Lämmittimen maksimiteho on 30 kW. Tämä diesellämmitin on suunniteltu suurille ajoneuvoille ja lämmitysjärjestelmille, joiden nestetilavuus on vähintään 20 litraa. Koska lämmitin on suunniteltu suurille ajoneuvoille, se on saatavana vain 24 V -versiona. Voit käynnistää lämmittimen yksinkertaisella virtapainikkeella. Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet: – Suuri […]

    Rajoitettu tarjous

    25.-30. lokakuuta Planar 44 ( Autoterm Air 4D ) + Pu-27 -sarja on vain 550 € (tarjous koskee molempia malleja – 12 ja 24 volttia) Lisäksi Binar-compacti pysyi varastossa hintaan vain 580 € dieselversiosta ja 480 € bensiinistä. Planar 44 12V + PU-27: Planar 44 24V + PU-27: Binar 5C […]

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29.09.2014 New dealer in Sweden ”Auto Kilta Norden AB”




New  deller in Sweden ”Autoklimat Norden AB”
Bruksvägen 5, 462 54  Vänersborg ,Sweden  ,Mob: +46762077768

Peugeot iOn – Heater instaled Norway .

Like you know, more and more people in North countrys to buy electrocars for tax and money saving. Its cool idea for summer time. In winter they are must make choose between comfort in saloon and dayly distance. In case of use internal integrated heating system your daytrip stand shortly in 2 times ! Not good idea to drive without heating. Please read here  ( yepp, you  some of  us need google translater ) how our customer install PLANAR 44-12 to Peugeot iOn . Find more photos below.  Thanks to  Mr. Richard Steen for photos and information.

28.01.2014 Parners agreement with SanMat Kunnossapito Oy

Today we had sign partners agreement with SanMat Kunnossapito Oy. We are welcome to direct call  of  Motor parks, transports and logistic companies.

24.01.2014 How to connect digital remote to Teplostar 14TC-10

Attention for everyone who wish to change standard remoute for TEPLOSTAR 14TC-10 to digital versinon. Please connect next pairs of wires :

brown – red
yellow – blue
white – white
green – green

17.12.2013 Conference in St.Petersburg

Conference brought together developers of mobile devices and applications, the creators of additional equipment for Planar and  BINAR  series devises as well . Conference participants adopted a mobile app designed by Lammin Tulli OY  for GSM TERMO module developed jointly with NAVIA  LTD ( Russia ) and PT Electronics  ( Russia ). Were also presented piezo control key for use on boats and yachts for PLANAR devices.


More photos from conference here

03.12.2013 SSC HEATING SYSTEMS OY new dealer from Vaasa

Vasaratie 7 / Hammarvägen 7
FI-65350 VAASA
Patrik Kaas, Myyntipäällikkö Suomi
+358(0) 50 3046 868

10.11.13 New dealer from RIGA


Rumbulas iela 11/1,Rīga, LV-1035
+371 29493262

07.11.2013 Herajärvi Car Center Oy new dealer in Finland

Alakorkalontie 10  |  FI-96300  |  Rovaniemi  |  Finland

p +358 (0) 207 599 985 | f +358 16 310 444  |

27.10.2013 WALL POSTERS A5 size IN PRINT

Dear deallers! Please order FREE WALL POSTERS through domestic reps. More  info here

17.10.2013 Quarter out

Some people ask us :  that  is  inside ? This  pictures say more than 1000  words, i think. Find more  here