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AUTOTERM company would like to inform about changes in heaters sets.

The control panel PU-5 is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and convenience, therefore, the AUTOTERM air heaters will soon be supplied with the mentioned remote control instead of the usual control panels PU-22, which were equipped with PLANAR heaters until today.

Also, the PU-27 control panel with a user-friendly interface and an easily understandable display will be included in the BINAR 5S preheater sets very nearest time instead control panel PU-20.

Full information about PU-5 (assy.3520) and PU-27 (assy.3600) control panel you can find on our website

1310pl 1310bi

Newest version of 44D have one more new additional gasket

It’s between air pump and air intake adapter.
It’s assy.P3495 .In attachment is photo with this gasket.
For now it isn’t in gasket repair kit but in future it will be so now you need to order it additionally.



limited  offer. SUPER SALE . BINAR 5C+GSM TERMO  JUST EUR620 . Please  order  HERE .

New opportunity of connection for Planar 8

Since October, 2016 in PLANAR-8DM-24/12-P the function of connection of the additional equipment (the relay for the additional fan, the gate-type valve to the fuel line, etc.) is added (with the maximum current of consumption 1 А).

For connection of the additional equipment the wire is brought out from the control union of a heater. On this wire the supply voltage from the moment of switching ON until switching OFF of a heater there is. This wire should be connected to the «+» plug of the operating relay coil (the gate-type valve, etc.). To carry out connection according to the scheme of electric connections.



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New way of connection Digital remote for Planar 44

Planar 44 have new PCB board and new connectors as well. For connect digital remote follow attached picture.

Beware of counterfeit and graymarket supplies.

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Installation instruction for iOS9 users

iOS9 have paranoia. Hope we ‘ll win this dragon soon.

Please open at your  iPHONE this   link. Follow next steps.


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APP for IOS9 will be available from 12.10

Till this   date please use  direct call mode or SMS commandsiosapp

Hot season prices from 20.09.15

New price list actual from 20.09.2015. Cold season coming. We must make this winter hot together .