Autoterm Air 4D Marine Small Set (12V), set 12350


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Product Description

Autoterm Air 4D (12V) Marine Small Set

Autoterm Air 4D (12V) is a powerful air heater model in the production line with power 4Kw.

This set intended generally for boats till 48ft/15m.


This set includes:

  • Air heater Autoterm Air 4D-12-GP-P-3940 12V (4 kW) (1pcs)

  • Stainless steel exhaust adapter for yachts or boats, Ø 24mm, assy.AT0003 (1pcs)

  • Exhaust pipe 1 meter, Ø 24mm, assy.DE019 (1pcs)

  • Fuel tank 7l, assy.290 (1pcs)

  • Fuel pump 12V, assy.P326-12V (1pcs)

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket for yachts and boats, assy.AT0001 (1pcs)

  • Silencer with mounting kit, assy.3535 (1pcs)

  • Connecting pipe nylon (PA 11-5,3х1,65 10m) assy.P1537 (1pcs)

  • Control panel PU-5, assy.3520 (1pcs)