PLANAR 2D Marine Small Set (12V), set12349


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Product Description

PLANAR 2D Marine Small Set (12V)

PLANAR 2D (12V) is the most compact diesel air heater model in the production line with power 2Kw.

This set intended generally for boats till 33ft/10m.

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket for yachts and boats, assy.AT0001 (1pcs)

  • Silencer with mounting kit, assy.3535 (1pcs)

  • Connecting pipe nylon (PA 11-5,3х1,65 10m), assy.P1537 (1pcs)

  • Fuel pump 12V, assy.P327-12V (1pcs)

  • Stainless steel exhaust adapter for yachts or boats, Ø 24mm, assy.AT0003 (1pcs)

  • Exhaust pipe 1 meter, Ø 24mm, assy.DE019 (1pcs)

  • Control panel PU-5, assy.3520 (1pcs)

  • Air heater PLANAR-2D-12-TM-3995 12V (2 kW) (1pcs)