Autoterm Air 2DM-12V GP


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Product Description

Fuel consumption from 0.8l /h
Power 0.8-1.8KW
Autoterm Air air heating system is a cost-effective heating solution for the interior of your Truck/RV/Boat cabin . The high-performance warm air circulation system quickly brings the Truck/RV/Boat cabin interior up to the desired temperature.
Fully independent from the engine.
Each Autoterm Air is distributed directly from manufacturer in Russia. (NO MIDDLEMEN)
Each unit comes with all necessary parts & materials needed to complete the installation.
Autoterm Air 2D  is approximately 32 cm long & 12 cm wide.
When being installed, the heater must be positioned so that the exhaust, air intake, and fuel intake are turned down and bolted up tightly.
Fuel pump must ALWAYS be positioned vertically with its hand pointing upward.
When exhaust pipe is installed it must be positioned so that it is NOT blowing upwind.
All connections must be tightened and secured.

These important installation requirements must be followed to ensure proper installation and heating potential.
Always refer to the operation manual enclosed with every unit for any questions and uncertainties.
We always appreciate FEEDBACK.

Please, look our operating manual

In many countries much of the year heat in vehicles must be kept artificially. It is a necessary condition for preserving health, producing swift reactions and organizing steady work of a driver and operator in long-distance shipments, building and other specialty vehicles functioning. Keeping warm passenger, life-saving and medical transport makes it more comfortable. Finally transportation of goods susceptible to cold becomes mere impossible. As usual heating by operating engines in the modern machines isn’t enough. In all circumstances excess fuel flow reaches hundreds of gallons year over year and a large amount of noxious emissions are releasing into the atmosphere. That’s why autonomous air heaters running on fuel that are able to warm up cabins and passenger or cargo compartments during stand, before or during drive irrespective of an engine performance often become vitally needed equipment. Autonomous air heaters usage significantly increases safety, comfort, efficiency, durability and ecological cleanness of vehicles operated in a frigid climate.
The heater in freight transport secures health and increases driver’s labour productivity who works in a warm cabin and takes a peaceful rest with an engine off in other words with a minimum noise floor and minimum emissions. Warming up a cabin with the help of an air heater before stating an engine from the very beginning of a drive ensures comfort, fine vision, driving safety and enhancement of reactions. Thus thanks to refusal of heating on free running the heater allows noticeably subdue fuel consumption and other expendable materials as also an engine wear and losses due to repairing. The possibility of maintaining optimum temperature in a cabin during nearly unlimited time favourably affects drivers’ health which means efficiency and keeping to a schedule.
Air heaters are the most effective solutions as for warming of cargo compartments during transportation of goods susceptible to cold and also passenger compartments in frigid conditions. They play an especially great part in urban driving cycle with frequent stops (for loading/discharging, etc.) keeping constant temperature in a cabin and cargo compartment.
All autonomous heaters “Autoterm Air” can be also used for setting at ships. They can function on fuel from motorboat tank or from a separate tank at a sailing boat. There are three types of heaters with different maximum output, as well as a vast range of power and its modulating control for an each item enables to choose the very one that suits best for a particular vehicle.
Waterproof qualities of components and connection plugs make it possible to heat air drawn not only out of a cabin but also from outside even when it’s highly humid.
Heaters “Autoterm Air” are operated automatically by an electronic control unit. Comparing air temperature indicated at the heater input or (by means of an optional temperature outside probe) in a desired position of a heated place with air temperature resting on a turning closing switch or heat regulator time switch it gradually changes heater output.

PLAN-plaplanar 44

  • Nominal supply voltage: 12V, 24V
  • Heating efficiency: 0.8 - 1.8 kW
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Start/stop mode: Manual
  • Fuel compensation: 0,1- 0,24 l/h
  • Number of heated air: 34 - 75 m3/h
  • Weight: 8 kg