Air heater Autoterm Air 9D-12V (8 kW)



Product Description

PLANAR-9 PLANAR-9 (1) PLANAR-9 (2)Autoterm Air 9D is the newest and most powerfull heater in product line Autoterm Air 9D with maximum power capacity 8 kW.

Air heater Autoterm Air 9D is intended for use in any kind of means of vehicles (for example, truck and commercial vehicles), as well as on boats (up to 48 feet/15 m long) and on the buildings.

Capacity of the air heater Autoterm Air 9D is between 3,2 kW and 8 kW, and it is capable to heat up 290 m3 of air hourly, furthermore, consuming fuel between 0,42 l and 1,00 l diesel per hour.

The new Autoterm Air 9 Dheater supplies in 12V and 24V modification and has a new, more powerful engine with an excellent blowdown. The heater has a reliable and sturdy steel casing, inlet and outlet nozzles, high-strength steel double-circuit heat exchanger and Autoterm Air 9D air connections have connecting diameters of 100 mm.

Autoterm Air 9D have been certified and undergone tests in European sertification bureau  UTAC for compliance with the requirements of the ECE 122 regulation.

The main advantages of Autoterm Air 9D heaters are stable operation at very low temperatures, inductive (brushless) electric motors designed for uninterrupted operation for 12,000 hours, as well as low fuel consumption and reasonable price. Our heaters have proved their excellent quality, working in aggressive environments, such as, for example, the marine environment and careers. Our heaters have a single European guarantee and civil liability is insured.

The heater Autoterm Air 9D may be controlled both by the standard control panel (PU-5) and standard alarm system (provided there is a free control channel), as well as by modem (available separately), supporting control via call/sms, and by a smartphone application, which is available both in the operating system Android, and iOS (application Autoterm Control).


Technical characteristics

Autoterm Air 9D-12-3910 (12V)

Heating efficiency, max/min kW: 8/3,2

Fuel consumption, l/h: 1,00/0,42

Rated power consumption, KW/min: 180/12

Number of heated air, m3/min: 290/70

Fuel: Diesel

Nominal supply voltage: 12V

Start/ stop mode: Manual, standard remote control, modem

Weight of full set / Weight of the heater, kg: 18 / 12,8

Package dimensions (Length / Width / Height, cm): 69 X 37 X 35

Heater dimensions (Length / Width / Height, mm): 650 X 212 X 281