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Product Description


Вinar 5 and Binar 5D starting pre-heaters and their modifications  (hereinafter referred to as –   pre-heater),   which   are   used   for   start heating and warming – up of vehicles with liquid cooling system and engine displacement up to 3.5l at ambient temperature as low as minus 45°С. Fuel used for  Binar 5B starting pre-heater operation is petrol, for Binar 5D- diesel fuel is used. Binar 5B-С and Binar 5D-С have the lead for connection with vehicle alarm system or for GSM- modem mounting.

The pre-heater functions are following:

1. Fail-safe starting engine operation under low ambient temperature conditions.

2. Additional heating of engine and passenger compartment with the engine running under hard frost conditions.

3. Heating of passenger compartment and windshield at low subzero temperatures (to remove icing) with the engine inactive.

These functions are supported by the pre-heater basic hardware. Its modular structure makes it feasible to connect with devices supporting the other functions, thus improving functionality of the basic hardware purchased and installed initially.  It is possible to operate by the heater with control panel with timer (hereinafter referred to as– control panel) installed on the car dashboard. It is possible to operate by the pre-heater Binar 5B-С and Binar 5D-С by the control panel or remotely with the help of GSM-modem by SMS sent by mobile phone. If there’s alarm signaling system installed in the car one can use its free channel to operate by the pre-heater.

The pre-heater’s activation time is possible to be programmed by control panel. While operating the control panel indicates the temperature of the cooling system and operation mode of the pre-heater. In case of failure the code of malfunction is indicated.

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  • Nominal supply voltage: 24V
  • Heating efficiency: 5kW
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Start/stop mode: Manual/AUTO/GSM
  • Fuel compensation: 0,6-0,7 l/h
  • Weight: 8 kg