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HUOM ! GSM TERMO ei toimi BINARIN 5S  mukaan !

“TEPLOSTAR” company releases new generation hydronic heater «BINAR-5S». This is a completely new product made in Russia, which is no way inferior to the top brands worldwide. Preheater “Binar -5S” can work in two modes, as an engine preheater, and as a supplementary heater. The engine preheater is used for start heating and warming – up of vehicles with liquid cooling system and engine displacement up to 3.5l at ambient temperature as low as minus 45°С.


  • Compactness, can be mounted in the vertical and horizontal position;
  • Can work as a supplementary heater;
  • Can be controlled by Timer-control (included in the standard kit)
  • GSM modem can be connected instead or together with remote timer-control. It is also possible to remote control via voice calls or by SMS through the mobile app for iOS and Android (GSM kit will need to be purchased separately)WE  HAVE  NO INFORMATION ABOUT DATE OF RELEASE GSM MODULE FROM FACTORY. FOLLOW OUR NEWS LINE. BINAR 5S DOESN’T WORK WITH GSM TERMO SYSTEM.


BINAR 5S is the new engine pre-heater with 5KW power and designed for engines with capacity up to 4 litres. BINAR 5S has expanded possibilities of operation in the pre-heater mode, and in auxiliary mode. The advantages of BINAR 5S are:
– Compact size (smaller size in comparison with other models);
– The choice of installation options;
– Exclusion of a cold start, which in turn extends the life of the engine;
– Guaranteed engine start at low temperatures (up to -45C);
– Auxiliary function;
– Control with the remote-timer (supplied);

– Complete installation kit composed of a heater;
– The ability to connect a GSM modem instead of or in conjunction with remote control-timer;

– The ability to control the remote alarm in the presence of a free channel on its communication;

– Control by voice calls or through the mobile app for iOS and Android (via modem, supplied separately);
– Control via the SMS – commands (via modem, supplied separately);
– The reasonable price and high quality;
– It runs on gasoline and diesel fuel (BINAR 5S/BINAR 5S Diesel), on 12V and 24V (24V modification available only to BINAR 5S Diesel);
– Low fuel consumption;
– Self-diagnosis and outputting the display error.

All heaters supplies with full installation kits, that includes: air intake hose 80 cm with silencer, exhaust pipe 1 m with isolation 30 cm, fuel pipe 6 m, mounting bracket, coolant pump and pipe 2 m, fuel pump and fuel stand pipe, control panel (PU-27), muffler, tapered pipes, clamps, screws, wires etc.

  • Jännite: 24V, 
  • Lämmitysteho: 5 kW
  • Polttoaine: Diesel
  • Start/stop tila: AUTO
  • Polttoaineen kulutus: 0,6 – 0,7 l/h
  • Lämmittimen kokonaispaino: 8 kg