Changes of Control Units for AUTOTERM Flow 5D/B

Dear Partners!

There are small changes that have to be taken into consideration. The changes are connected with generations of Flow 5D/B Control Units that are summarized in the table below.

Generation Heater name Control Unit (factory standard) Direct replacement
BINAR Generation BINAR 5S (diesel, 12V) assy.3133 3133->4311->4381
BINAR 5S (diesel, 24V) assy.3108 3108->4306->4388
BINAR 5S (petrol, 12V) assy.3188 3188->4337->4377
1st Flow Generation AUTOTERM Flow 5D, 12V assy.4311 4311->4381
AUTOTERM Flow 5D, 24V assy.4306 4306->4388
AUTOTERM Flow 5B, 12V assy.4337 4337->4377
2nd Flow Generation AUTOTERM Flow 5D, 12V assy.4381*
AUTOTERM Flow 5D, 24V assy.4388
AUTOTERM Flow 5B, 12V assy.4377*

*Only these Control Units work with Pierburg, but they work also with Bosch PAD.

The 2nd Generation of Flows changed the Liquid Pump from Bosch PAD to Pierburg (assy.926).

The Control Units from the BINAR and 1st Generations of Flow heaters use wiring assy.4044.  It is possible to use assy.4044 (and Bosch PAD) for the 2nd Generation as well, but to use the Pierburg liquid pump (that is suitable to 2nd Generation Flows only with voltage 12V), needed wiring is assy.4366.