Although our heaters and devices have successfully withstood the test of time under severe Siberian conditions, we must state the warranty. The warranty period of our heaters and devices is two years from the date of sale. ( In case of self instalation it will 6 month only. The warranty is provided on conditions that a heater be installed in accordance with instructions. For country’s have no oficial service centres warranty is 2 years.) .

We shall promptly send you a new module/ unit or a whole heater (it depends on the problem that appeared) by which you will be able to replace a faulty unit or heater – on the understanding that you will return the faulty unit or heater to us. In the not too distant future there will appear on our website a section containing information about the spare parts and operating supply for the post-warranty service.

Below you can look at and read the certificates providing documentary evidence of high quality of our products.

The list of errors that might be shown by the indicator as well as the description of codes you can see in the instruction manual or download here.

We would be thankful to you if you would tell us the code shown by the indicator when you contact our support service.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty you are welcome to touch base with us by