Autoterm Flow 14ТС-12V mini GP KYOCERA PLUG


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Heat power, kW 14,5 9,2 4
Fuel consumption, (l/h) 1,9 1,2 0,5
Power consumption, W 130 100 76
Fuel Diesel GOST 305
Rated voltage, V 24
Coolant antifreeze
Start/stop mode Manual,Auto
Weight (kg) 16
Dimensions, cm 800 х 300 х 300

14TC-mini is engine pre-heater model with 14KW power that designed for high capacity engines of buses, trucks and special vehicles, that working on diesel fuel. These engine pre-heaters allow to heat up vehicle engine and salon in the cold season. The main advantages of 14Tcmini are:

  • Guaranteed engine start at low temperatures (up to -45C);
  • When the engine is not running, it is possible to heat the vehicle’s interior;
  • Auxiliary function;
  • Exclusion of a cold start, which in turn extends the life of the engine;
  • The ability to connect a GSM modem instead of or in conjunction with remote control-timer;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • increased service life due to the use of the brushless electric motor of its own design;
  • Self-diagnosis system and displaying errors on the display
  • The reasonable price and high quality.

Similar like other AUTOTERM heaters, 14TCmini supplies with full installation kits, that includes: fuel tank 13 l, air intake hose 40 cm with silencer, exhaust pipe 80 cm, fuel pipe 5 m, mounting bracket, coolant pump, coolant pipes: 20 mm diameter pipe 1 m and 18 mm diameter pipe 3 m, fuel pump and fuel stand pipe, control panel, clamps, screws, wires etc.