Lämmin Tuuli Oy is General Distributor of ADVERS AUTOTERM LCC in North Baltic countries (+358 50 5552069).

Cheaper, longer and more durable !

Nowadays the market of starting heaters and warm-air heaters offers quite a wide range of products, at the same time we are positive about your being acquainted with analogous in its structure but more expensive and less durable products of this kind produced by our European competitors. Advers Ltd company has developed and produced products, apparatuses and devices that as we believe surpass other competitors’ products in quality and durability, the example of which belief being our patented combustion chamber that works five times longer than those in suchlike products offered by our competitors. There have been received more than 20 patents on our product so far; besides, the apparatus does not get stuck with the soot and therefore is more durable. We also employ in our products commutator less motors which has allowed us to increase the life cycle of our product to 10.000 – 12.000 hours, which favorably compares with analogous European products that work up to 3.000 hours.

Since 1995 Advers Ltd company has been seriously researching, developing and producing liquid starting heaters and warm-air heaters which can be effectively used in the most severe conditions.

We have continuously been the official representative of the company and have been delivering its products under the strict control of the producer. Each module/ unit undergoes a special test prior to its getting onto the assembly conveyor. Each completed product has its own unique number which is also recorded in the electronic memory of the device. In the production process there we use components and modern technologies of renowned European and world producers and manufacturers.

Advers Ltd company today

– In the city of Samara Advers Ltd company has successfully built its factory – a four-storey building owned by shareholders of the company, having an area of 4.500 square meters and all necessary modern equipment – for effective producing of starting heaters and warm-air heaters.
– The company has developed and started producing some new models of the starting heaters “Teplostar”, “Binar” and warm-air heaters “Planar”.
– There has been created a network of company dealers that are now selling and delivering Advers Ltd company’s products almost throughout the whole Russia and CIS countries.
– Since 2003 the company’s starting heaters “Teplostar” have been installed on the conveyor of public corporation “Kamaz”. “Kamaz” trucks and heavy haulers have been winners of Paris – Dakar races multiple times.
– In 2007 there was started installation on the conveyor in “Kamaz” public corporation of the warm-air heaters “Planar”.
– Since 2006 there has been carried out delivery of starting heaters “Teplostar” onto the conveyor of the “Ural” public corporation’s factory – for the cars that are being produced there.
– The warm-air heater “Planar” is being delivered to factories and plants producing cranes on chassis (on the mounting): “Kamaz”, “Ural” (UMZ 2 in Ulianovsk, CHMZ in Cheliabinsk, “Avtokran” in Ivanovo, “Klincevski autocrane-building factory”, “Galichinski autocrane-building plant”), to the public corporation “Ural”, as well as to major cargo carriers.
– Advers Ltd company has earned positive experience in delivery of automobile starting heaters and warm-air heaters to the secondary market as well as in installation of the company’s devices both on Russian and foreign cars.
– In 2005 there was opened a new branch office of the company in the town of Naberezhnyje Chelny, in Republic of Tatarstan, where at present the liquid starting heaters “Binar” are being assembled – and delivered for subsequent installation to the conveyor of “Kamaz”.
– In 2007 Advers Ltd company received a certificate confirming that the company’s system of quality management meets the standards of ISO 9001:2000. Also, Advers Ltd company has been declared the best supplier of “Kamaz” public corporation.
– In the end of 2008 Advers Ltd company confirmed that its system of quality management meets the standards of ISO 9001:2000.
– In February 2009 Advers Ltd company received a certificate confirming that the company’s system of quality management meets the standards of ISO/TU 16949:2002.
– Since 2010 there has been started production of a new starting heater “Binar-5” for passenger cars.
– Since 2010 the company’s products have been successfully sold on the eBay auction and then delivered to customers from an American storehouse.
– In 2012 a large volume of sales from U.S. to Europe resulted in the opening of the distributor “Lämmin tuuli” joint-stock company.